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General Lighting

These are your typical type of Lighting Fixtures that are designed to illuminate your space in a uniform manner.

A go-to model for buyers on a restricted budget.

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LED Panel Light  (Recessed)

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LED Panel Light  (Surface Mount)

LED panel lights by are a highly efficient and cost effective modern lighting solution for commercial and residential settings. These provide bright and even illumination, and they are available in a range of color temperatures to create the desired ambiance.

With a sleek and slim design, our LED panel lights seamlessly blend into any space, adding a touch of sophistication to your decor.

Available in Round and Square shape models in wattages ranging from 9W to 24W. 


  • Complete aluminum body for Optimal Heat Dissipation

  • High-quality LED chips for exceptional lighting quality

  • Exceptional lighting quality and durability

  • High-quality LED drivers with surge protection for stable and reliable performance

  • 3-year replacement warranty for added peace of mind


Available Variants 

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Warm white , Cool White comparision.webp

Find your Perfect Ambiance

Whether you prefer a warm and cozy feel, a neutral and natural ambiance, or a bright and energetic environment, we have the perfect lighting solution for you.

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Let us light up your world
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