Touch to On - Dimming

Rs. 2,999 Rs. 4,999

Control your Lights with a simple touch. Tap and hold to Adjust the brightness in various levels of brightness.

 Uses a feather touch capacitive sensor. Desired dimming level can be achieved by a touch-hold-release gesture. This model also has a memory function and turns back on with the last set brightness level.


  • Sensor Type: Touch
  • Light Dimming Function - Touch and Hold the Sensor to adjust the brightness as per the desired level
  • Brightness Memory - Retains within memory the last brightness level that was set.
  • Applications
    • Kitchen Under Cabinets,
    • Under Bed Ambient/Night lighting,
    • Living Room Accent Lighting

In the Box:

  • 1m LED Light Stip
  • 1m Surface Mount Profile
  • User Manual

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