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Control your Ambient Light with the wave of your hand. Use simple swipe gesture using your palm to trigger the light on/off. It is that simple!


This model also supports a dimming & memory function. Simply hold your palm in front of the sensor to either reduce/increase brightness level.


Uses a high precision IR-based sensor that has been tested to last longer. The high gauge aluminum profile acts as an excellent heat sink to increase LED life span.

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Control your Lights with a simple touch. Tap and hold to Adjust the brightness in various levels of brightness.


Uses a feather touch capacitive sensor. Desired dimming level can be achieved by a touch-hold-release gesture. This model also has a memory function and turns back on with the last set brightness level.

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Illuminate an area with soft, motion-activated light. Lights up only when you need it


A built-in motion and light sensor activates a soft glow and turns off automatically after ~30 sec. of no activity.

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