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It's Simple!
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Explore our Luminaires

Curated range of Lighting solutions for everyday.

Architectural lighting
Linear lighting
Sensor based lights
The essential lighting
The Essentials

Like the name goes - these are an essential for lighting up a space evenly.

They take care of most of the ambient and floor level lighting.

Architectural series

Accentuate your space and attain a visually stunning look for your interiors and exteriors.

A premium set of luminaries that can emphasize architectural features, curate a mood, and

create a play of light & shadow.

Your doorway to dramatic lighting

Architectural lighting
Linear lighting
Linear Lighting 

A Minimalistic take on lights that can go onto your walls & ceiling.

Where Geometry meets lighting!

Sensor Based Lights

No more worry about the greasy or

wet hand soiling the switches.
Control your lights with gestures like wave, touch or motion.

Sensor based devices
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