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Smart Home,

Explore our Smart Home & IoT Devices

Curated range of Smart Devices that make your everyday

even more Convenient

Smart Switches

Your existing wiring and switches stays intact. Dewize Smart Switches just add as an additional layer - Simple!
Now control is just a tap / voice command away.

Works with Google Home & Alexa. 
Control the devices with your voice commands.

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Alexa Logo.png
Smart Controllers
codioful-formerly-gradienta-yXs4rWNK-mg-unsplash (1).jpg

Spectrum RGB Controller

Add accents to your space by sliding through VIBGYOR

nadine-shaabana-ZPP-zP8HYG0-unsplash (1).jpg

CCT Controller

Adjust the Color Temperature through CW, WW & NW based on need. 


Curtain Controller

Control your curtains with a tap from anywhere making your home smarter and more convenient.

A Mobile App  designed with the user in mind.

One app for everything!

Easily setup your device, control and manage users.


Get Smarter

Create scenes to control the way your ambience lights up.

Set it and Forget it

Create schedules that run without your intervention.

User Management

Manage users by giving them access to only the devices that they need. 

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